Multiducts & Water Jackets

Multiduct & Water jacket are the two parts that are exposed to severe operating parameters. The rate of corrosion / erosion & resultant failure has been a regular feature of these parts.

MPI delivers Multiducts & Water Jackets at a most competitive price maintaining the quality to meet the life expectancy.

Multiducts are made from SiMo casting & latest versions with Nimonic sleeves are also available.
Multiducts & Water Jackets are machined to perfection & undergo thorough quality checks to ensure their reliability.

MPI provides Multiducts and Water Jackets suitable for the below listed engines .

  • W20
  • W26
  • Vasa 32/32LN/32GD/32DF/34SG
  • W32/W32GD/W34DF/W34SG



Disclaimer – Engine makes, engine models, product codes, part nos., IMO Nos. are descriptive and used for reference purposes only.

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