Centrifugal Filters

Marine Power International (MPI) represents Mann + Hummel for centrifugal filters.


Centrifugal filters are widely used on Diesel / Gas engines for effective and inline bypass oil filtration to remove sub-micron contamination from lubricating oil with a centrifugal force 2000 times greater than gravity.


MPI delivers FM025, FM060, FM090, FM200, FM200DS, FM400, FM400DS, FM600 & FM600DS centrifugal filters. The centrifuge has an impulse turbine for primary torque generation and a reaction turbine provides a secondary driving force.


The filter bowl can reach speeds of up to 4000RPM at an oil pressure of 2bar – 2.5bar.

Benefits of DS type centrifugal filters


Inline continuous oil cleaning

Enhanced bearing life

The increased period between oil changes

Effective oil cleaning at low oil pressures

Inbuilt bypass valve enables cleaning of the centrifuge without engine stoppage

Lightweight and easy to install

Great value for money


Disclaimer – Engine makes, engine models, product codes, part nos., IMO Nos. are descriptive and used for reference purposes only.

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