Centrifugal Filters

Centrifugal filters are widely used on Diesel / Gas engines for effective and inline bypass oil filtration to remove sub-micron contamination from lubricating oil with a centrifugal force 2000 times greater than gravity.

MPI delivers MP-200AD/ 600AD type centrifugal filters. The centrifuge has an impulse turbine for primary torque generation and a reaction turbine provides a secondary driving force.

The filter bowl can reach speeds of up to 4000RPM at an oil pressure of 2bar – 2.5bar.

Benefits of Augmented Drive (AD)

  • Inline continuous oil cleaning
  • Enhanced bearing life
  • The increased period between oil changes
  • Effective oil cleaning at low oil pressures
  • Inbuilt bypass valve enables cleaning of the centrifuge without engine stoppage
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Great value for money

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